The Birth Of An Auxiliary

For years, women were accompanying male members of the Order to social events. As early as 1914, women were in attendance for the organization’s Grand Aerie Convention, eventually inspiring them to being their own wing of the Eagles – the Ladies’ Auxiliary.

Pressure increased to formally recognize the Auxiliary and in January 1926, sitting Grand Worthy President Charles C. Guenther issued an Official Circular explaining that the time had come for definite action in regard to the formal creation of the Auxiliary.

When the Eagles assembled for the 28th annual Grand Aerie Convention in August 1926, delegates formally approved the formation of the Ladies’ Auxiliary. On August 14, 1952, Past Grand Worthy President Lester Loble of Montana served as the instituting deputy for the Grand Auxiliary. Because Alta Browning Smith was a primary contributor in the organizing and instituting of the Grand Auxiliary, she was appointed the first Grand Madam President