Best Wishes & Congratulations

We would like to thank Manager Jodi Sander for her years of service to the Holdrege Eagles Club. Jodi brought many great changes to our club in the time she was with us. We are sad to say that she is leaving us for greener pastures, as she will me moving to Columbus in the near future. We wish her all the best of luck in her future adventures. Regrettably Jodi has already worked her final shifts, but we hope you will join us in wishing her well if you happen to see her around town before she leaves.

We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Kelli Kamler-Staggs on her appointment as our new Manager. Kelli has been a long time dedicated employee and member of the Holdrege Eagles Club. Kelli and her partner Doug Schiley have long been hosting Christmas dinner at the Club and have recently taken over hosting duties for Thanksgiving dinner as well as a whole host of other volunteer activities. We look forward to seeing how things progress under Kelli’s leadership starting Monday, September 21st.

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