Note from the Trustees

Thank you to all who have stuck with us through the “troubles!”  We are returning to normal and hope to have steak/stag nights again this fall or late autumn.  Right now, all other services have been restored.  And we especially want to thank you for willingly (or even grudgingly) help us achieve are one goal:  Not a single Eagle or Auxiliary member that we’re aware of has been affected by COVID-19; and therefore we’ve not been a source for a single contamination.  Now quickly, find a piece of wood and knock on it!

The next time you drop by, tip a little heavier and tread a little lighter on our employees.  They’ve had they’re hours cut (or completely eliminated for 60 days) and have had to enforce rules that were mandated by either we trustees or the State of Nebraska.  That’s left them in a very uncomfortable position of dealing with your wrath and our expectations – and in many cases enforcing rules that they don’t agree with.  They’ve done an exemplary job, and as we just noted, popular or unpopular, the enforcement of these edicts have been successful in the end result:  none of us has caught the virus.

An abbreviated Nebraska State Eagles convention was held at its normal site in Norfolk last month.  Because of the pandemic, the normal pomp and circumstance surrounding the outgoing officers and the incoming participants was mostly absent and our own State Worthy President, Larry Mattson, didn’t get the recognition and the sendoff that he had worked for.  What started out as a very successful year for his charity devolved rapidly as all Aeries across the state had to close down and the springtime fundraisers for the Javelan Service Dogs charity and Nebraska Foster Care Clinic were cancelled.

What DID happen at the convention was that once it was announced that we have a new motel opening in Holdrege and now have sufficient housing to handle events, members from Nebraska City to Crawford and Wayne to Imperial voted their appreciation for our handling of past tournaments.  The votes also recognized our financial stability, the activity of our Eagle Riders chapter, and the contributions our members have made at both the state and local level. 

To quit patting ourselves on the back and get to the point, in rapid order we have been requested to host the Grand Worthy President and his wife on July 7th as they journey across the United States.  We will be hosting a gathering of State Officers in August.  We will be hosting the State Trapshoot for the first time ever next Spring; and in October of 2021 we’ll be hosting the State Dart tournament.

The pandemic has hurt us financially, as it has every Aerie in the state.  But we were in a much better position than most when it started; and to a major degree our conservative stance on savings (thanks to our secretary Brad Kimberly’s expert advice) has us in a tremendous position to recover fully from our losses and make the necessary changes in our building to accommodate present and future needs.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re back!!

All general meetings of the Aerie or Auxiliary are open to members in good standing.  Both occur on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month.  This is where planning takes place for upcoming events, reports on our finances are given monthly, status of repairs or remodels are provided by the trustees, and special committee reports are heard from groups like the Eagle Riders, scholarship awards, and event chairpersons.  Constructive criticism, new ideas for our fundraising efforts, or contributions to our funeral service meals are always welcome.

The men will be having a formal initiation for new members on July 23rd of this month.  It has been over a decade since this has been done; and it is a necessary function showing the attributes of Liberty, Truth, Justice and Equality that we aspire to.  All members are welcome.  Some of us long-timers need to hear the vows that were taken many years ago and remind ourselves that our Aerie is not a neighborhood bar; it is a fraternal organization where brothers and sisters have joined together to provide aid to each other and their community.  To that end, we’d welcome you on the 23rd – or just stop by during the week and say “Hi” to your friends and tip the help while you’re giving them a reason to welcome you back.

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